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 ok here we go, another semester passed by so fast, w.e and some people are complaining about it, what if (just my opinion) you stop complaining and start cracking the books and start jotting down things that you think will be in your exam! and REVIEW helps not STUDYING…there’s a difference….review is just refreshing ur memory about the topics because you already know them…studying only works if you actually got an amnesia and you don’t know what to review for and over-studying can just freakin fry ur brain. Ok i know i have a job but that doesn’t mean that i don’t study for exams, this girl told me today:” Oh you study? but don’t you have a job?” it’s called balancing your time or taking a week off to actually focus on exams because if i don’t review my mom would bet me till i actually open a book!! gosh i might sound like a nerd right now but it’s better than being so effin clueless about everything… a person told me once, “There’s no such thing as common-sense because some people don’t have that” guess he’s right! 

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Posted on Monday, 23 January
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